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In July 2023, Ahead Of the Game Foundation embarked on an extraordinary journey as it seized the incredible opportunity to move into its very own three-story facility in New Brighton. The newly acquired space, a former care home, presented itself as a diamond in the rough, desperately requiring repair and renovation. This move became imperative not only to accommodate the escalating demand for the Health & Wellbeing Cancer Rehabilitation Program but also to accommodate the growing team.


The foundation is currently transforming the facility into a centre of excellence for Cancer Rehabilitation & Wellness therapies in the Northwest. Currently there is nowhere in the United Kingdom which combines Cancer rehabilitation and therapies under one roof. The centre will offer physical, mental and emotional support to not only those diagnosed with Cancer but their families too.

Thanks to the incredible support from our community, volunteers and local contractors the new facility has been renovated room by room. The facility now offers a state-of-the-art Cancer Rehabilitation Gym, equipped with top-tier equipment from renowned brands such as Primal Strength, Keiser, and KO8. This exclusive facility is an integral part of our Health & Wellbeing Cancer Rehabilitation Program, providing a dedicated space for individuals on their cancer journey to engage in transformative weekly sessions. By combining advanced equipment with expert guidance from our dedicated team, the Cancer Rehabilitation Gym becomes a space where individuals find encouragement, empowerment, and a pathway to improved health. We take pride in offering a holistic approach to cancer rehabilitation, ensuring that each client receives the personalised attention they deserve on their journey to recovery.

At Ahead Of the Game, we collaborate with our therapy partners, The NorthWest Wellbeing Hub, to offer Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy, Red Light Therapy, Infrared Sauna along with massage therapies, reiki and counselling services.  This therapeutic intervention extends support to individuals dealing with cancer, as well as the wider public seeking benefits for general wellbeing and various medical conditions. The facility houses two chambers that ensure privacy for individuals undergoing treatment, all within a tranquil and relaxing environment. These therapies are an integral part in supporting those during treatment, pre/ post surgery and rehabilitation.

In 2024, we have scheduled the introduction of the following therapies: Vitamin IV Infusions and the Lymphedema machine. Alongside these therapies the facility will receive further extensive renovation to the outside space, conservatory to create a full Cancer nutrition cafe and essential spaceto provide a range of group sessions within our hub, addressing various needs such as grief workshops, cancer coffee mornings, wig fitting, nutrition workshops, face-to-face meetings with Dave Bolton, and caregiver support groups. 

In 2025, we have scheduled the renovation of an on-site residential suite that will provide overnight accommodation to anyone wanting to utilise our facilities that are travelling from all over the world. 

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Anticipated project completion - July 2024

We extended an invitation to Premier Plants Of Ledsham to visit our new Centre, where we shared our story and vision. Touched by our cause, the Premier Plants team promptly decided to lend their support to our foundation, taking on the task of transforming the exterior of the hub.

Premier Plants of Ledsham, a beloved local independent Garden Centre with over 35 years of horticultural experience, is collaborating with us to execute a comprehensive garden renovation. 

This initiative aims to create outdoor space for activities such as yoga, meditation, wellbeing classes, support groups and children's area. 

To bring this vision to fruition, Lucy Stowell-Smith from Lucy Anne Designs, a local Garden Designer has generously volunteered her services for this noble cause. Renowned for her exquisite and therapeutic garden designs, Lucy's involvement underscores her commitment and skill. Her expertise will not only beautify the grounds but also transform them into a sanctuary for healing and peace. All classes held within the garden will be fully funded to help with the financial impact following a diagnosis.

We are looking for support from our community to help us create this space by donating their expertise, supplies or volunteers along the way.

Alternatively we will need financial support to purchase materials, pay for contractors and purchase beautiful furnishings to finish off what will be a beautiful space for not just the individuals diagnosed with cancer, but their families too. 

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Community Recycle Scheme

Community Recycle Scheme

This new scheme donates second-hand, overstocked and end-of-line equipment to schools across the UK. A range of items has already been given away, including shade sails, post pad protectors and colourful fence pales. The full range of items can be viewed online, where requests can also be submitted. Several companies are involved with this initiative, including A&S Landscape a leading supplier of outdoor sheltered areas.

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