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The Ahead Of The Game Foundation aims to help bridge the gap in providing a fully funded rehabilitation programme to anyone diagnosed with Cancer.  Our Health & Wellbeing Cancer Rehabilitation Programme helps to improve not only your physical, but mental wellbeing post diagnosis. 


We aim to raise brain tumour awareness, whilst also working alongside Brain Tumour Research to fund vital research within this massively underfunded field. Shockingly Brain tumours receive less than 1% of funding compared to other cancers yet it is Brain tumours that kill more children and adults under the age of 40 than any other cancer, yet just 1% of the national spend on cancer research has been allocated to this devastating disease.

The foundation will support local and regional charities who provide vital support and services to those affected by life long illnesses and debilitating conditions.

We will also be looking to implement fully funded physical and mental health wellbeing programmes within the education system at all levels. The aim is to try to tackle the rise of obesity and mental health issues that are seen to be sweeping our youth of today.

Projects well be established into the most of deprived of areas to not only improve employment opportunities but to stop increasing the amount of children choosing the wrong path thats heading towards a life of criminality.

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meet the team

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Dave Bolton

Founder, Co-Director, Head Trustee & Head Cancer Rehabilitation Specialist Coach

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Dom Matteo

Co-Director & Trustee

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Kelsey Parker

Co-Director & Trustee

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Anna Crofton

Senior Lead Cancer Nurse for Liverpool University Hospital Foundation Trust

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Debbi Kruger

Marketing / Digital Manager & Executive Assistant

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Olga Semenko

Cancer Rehabilitation Specialist Coach


Programmes Consist Of:

  • Initial Consultation up to 2 hours.

  • Functional Movement screening and testing session.

  • A Bespoke 12 week Pre/rehabilitation exercise programme. The programme will be safe, structured and phased which will be coached weekly. The weekly coached sessions can be delivered by a live online platform, in person at one of our facilities or when cleared by the cancer specialist coach to participate in a monthly group exercise session with other programme enrolees.

  • Nutritional guidance and support


  • Yoga

  • Pilates

  • Guided walks

  • 8 week mindfulness course

When deemed necessary:


  • Mental health counselling

  • Family support counselling

  • Financial support / guidance

Our physical activity programme is designed to aid cancer pre/rehabilitation by improving your physical, Mental health and wellbeing which will help to improve the quality of life.

Participants will initially meet with Dave Bolton, the head coach of this project via zoom to conduct an initial consultation.

"I have beaten cancer twice and I am currently outliving my terminal cancer diagnosis by nearly 9 years." Dave is a fully qualified strength and conditioning coach as well as a Pre/rehabilitation cancer specialist with a Level 4 qualification in Cancer rehabilitation exercise prescription. Along with Dave you will meet our Senior NHS private Physio to carry out a basic assessment to further enable the team at Ahead Of The Game to best meet your/their needs, goals and aspirations.


Following an assessment the participants will be given a bespoke activity/wellbeing plan by a qualified Level 4 cancer rehabilitation specialist coach, which will measure and evaluate mood, sleep, diet, nutrition, any pain, or discomfort and comments about the project. To do this we will deliver a series of funded, weekly structured 1 on 1 sessions which can be delivered online, at home or in small groups. The bespoke sessions will encompass physical, mental health and wellbeing exercises, mobility, guided walks, nutritional advice, with support for you and your family as cancer affects not just the individual diagnosed but their families just as much. Sessions will take place at The North west Health & Well-being Hub, New Brighton.

We will be offering supplementary talks, monthly group sessions, workshops and seminars as well as the option to access to our fully funded golf cancer society sessions and other fully funded courses. Individuals who meet the criteria can self refer by completing the online application form. Remember there is another way, there is another option and there is hope.

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