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Cancer charity


Ahead Of The Game Foundation is a registered cancer charity that provides fully funded physical, mental and emotional support to those with a confirmed diagnosis of cancer. 

The Foundation also extends crucial support not only to those battling the life-altering impact of cancer but also to their families and loved ones, empowering them through the challenging and often overwhelming journey of life-threatening, life-changing, and life-debilitating effects caused by this cruel disease.


Ahead Of The Game Foundation aims to bridge the gap by offering a comprehensive, fully funded rehabilitation program for individuals diagnosed with cancer worldwide. Our Health & Wellbeing Cancer Rehabilitation Programme not only enhances physical recovery, but also promotes mental well-being in the aftermath of a cancer diagnosis.


We are actively amplifying globally the awareness for brain tumours in a severely underfunded field. Astonishingly, brain tumours receive a mere 1-2% of funding compared to other cancers. This discrepancy is alarming considering that brain tumours claim more lives among children and adults under 40 than any other cancer. 

Shockingly, only 1% of the national expenditure on cancer research is allocated to combat this devastating disease.


Our mission is to bring about a positive transformation in the lives of those affected by cancer, extending support not only to the individuals diagnosed but also to their families. Ahead Of The Game Foundation addresses the unique challenges that cancer survivors face, ensuring they regain strength, confidence and a renewed sense of purpose by ultimately taking back control of their own situation.


The foundation takes a proactive and preventative approach to education, sharing vital information through impactful workshops, seminars, and a comprehensive robust social media presence. Our focus extends to a range of critical subjects, including, but not limited to, warning signs, treatments, financial support, family assistance, counselling, nutrition, complementary therapies and exercise.


In addition to our educational efforts, we organise fundraising events that not only raise vital awareness but also contribute to tangible support for families navigating the challenges of a cancer diagnosis. 

We understand the toll this journey takes, recognising that we provide respite through Ahead of the game hero’s a rest-bite and rewards scheme, which offers  relief to those facing the impact of cancer, enabling them to have unique experiences making memories that will last a lifetime.

Cancer charity

meet the team

Dave Bolton

Dave Bolton

Founder, Head Trustee & Head Cancer Rehabilitation Specialist Coach

Dominic Matteo

Dom Matteo


Kelsey Parker

Kelsey Parker


Anna Crofton

Anna Crofton

Associate Director of Nursing For Cancer -Liverpool University Hospital Foundation Trust

Debbi Kruger

Debbi Kruger

Marketing / Digital Manager & Executive Assistant


Olga Semenko

Cancer Rehabilitation Specialist Coach

Tel Earthey


Cancer Rehabilitation Specialist Coach  / GP Referral Specialist


Victoria crowden



Jessica Matteo


Screenshot 2023-11-06 at 14_edited.jpg

Leigh - Anne Jones

Grief & Trauma Counsellor


Corey Williams

Teens Counsellor


" Whilst the Surgeon and Oncologist saved my life, I truly believe that Dave saved my mental and physical well being.  When I was first introduced to Dave via a mutual friend I was broken and desperate.  A diagnosis of breast cancer had sent me into an emotional free-fall.  Through Dave's weekly sessions I not only became stronger mentally with his ongoing mantra of positivity and optimism.  He also rehabilitated me post two significant surgeries and steadily increased my exercise regime making me ironically fitter than I've ever been, despite being in chemotherapy for the full training plan.  My family and I are eternally grateful for his support and he has enabled me to face into one of the most scariest moments of my life."
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