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Support for Caregivers: Counselling Sessions

At Ahead of the Game Foundation, we comprehend the significant challenges associated with supporting a loved one in their battle against cancer. The emotional and psychological strain on caregivers is frequently disregarded amid the primary focus on the wellbeing of the individual diagnosed with cancer As part of our commitment to holistic support, we are pleased to announce that we now offer counselling sessions specifically tailored for partners or family members who are struggling to cope with their loved one's cancer journey.

We extend an offer for you to participate in four fully funded counseling sessions with Graham, a counselor affiliated with Ahead Of The Game Foundation. Graham specializes in a range of counseling approaches tailored to support various needs and circumstances.

All sessions will be attended online, which can work around busy schedules or family commitments.


meet Graham

Cancer charity

Graham Fass- Therapeutic Counsellor & Psychotherapist.

Individuals and Couples.

Certificate in Transactional Analysis (TA) MBACP (Reg)


" Upon completing my postgraduate studies in Transactional Analysis at SMCP (South Manchester Centre for Psychotherapy), I now practise as a registered therapeutic counsellor and psychotherapist in advanced training, adhering to the ethical frameworks of both the BACP and UKATA. I spent a number of years volunteering at Age UK, Wirral. In that time, I have worked with adult clients

with various presenting issues. Besides my experience of working as a therapist, I have worked in the private sector, in a high stress environment for over two decades. This experience has given me an insight into managing stress and

finding work-life balance first-hand. 


I have first hand experience of cancer and it’s impact on both physical and mental health. I was diagnosed with stage 1 testicular cancer in 2017, so I have a personal insight and understanding of the challenges that maybe faced with a diagnosis of serious illness. I feel that a good support network is paramount for recovery, and seeking professional help can make the process go a lot smoother. Personal

therapy helped me navigate through this difficult chapter of my life, and move through the trauma and pain I experienced.

My way of working encompasses the philosophical values of TA, in that all humans are inherently ‘OK’ and that we all have the power to change.

My perspective on the therapeutic relationship is that the therapist’s role is a facilitator for positive change, creating a safe space for the client to feel trusted and understood. This in turn gives my clients an environment in which they can grow, and learn the tools they can use in order to challenge negative

patterns of behaviour and beliefs."


Most of us are familiar with the term ‘downward spiral’ in the context of life; how about a new narrative in which we spiral upwards through healing and positive change?


Areas and issues that I can support include:


• Family systems

• Recovery from abusive relationships

• Improving low mood and anxiety

• Childhood trauma

• Increasing assertiveness and challenging procrastination

• Self-esteem and body confidence

• Improving self-care (physical and mental wellness)

• Managing stress and energy levels

• Managing aggression and anger

• Bereavement

• Serious and terminal illness such as cancer and fibromyalgia

• Autism & ADHD

• Men’s issues

• Sexuality and sexual related issues

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